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Total Body Photography (TBP)

FotoFinder computerized mapping systemTotal Body Photography (TBP) is a state-of-the-art tool to use during skin cancer screening and surveillance in conjunction with a Total Body Skin Exam (TBSE) and Skin Self-Exams (SSE).

Initially TBP started with a photographer that would take photographs of a patient's skin with the patient in certain poses so that this could be repeated at a future date. The patient would receive hard copies of the photographs to keep with them for skin self-examination and to take to appointments with their doctor.

Currently through technological advances there are dedicated machines that can take Total Body Photographs. These machines include the IntelliStudio and Dermagraphix from Canfield and the ATBM from Fotofinder.

At our clinic we use the ATBM from Fotofinder which takes polarized images at a high resolution. Images are taken by a technician using a motorized camera connected to a computer. The patient is guided through reproducible poses when images are captured. These images are then provided to the patient in digital format and stored digitally in a secure database.

Advantages of TBP

Limitations of TBP

Total Body Photography cannot be relied on for detecting skin cancers on its own and is only an aid in the monitoring of changes to the skin; a qualified doctor must be consulted for a comprehensive skin cancer screening appointment.

TBP is an optional aid to skin exams and not covered by MSP with a fee charged for taking the images and transferring and storing the photographic records.


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Blonde woman standing and having her body scanned by the FotoFinder system