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Skin Cancer Management in Victoria BC

Contact Victoria Skin Cancer

Office at 3561 Blanshard St., Victoria BC, V8Z 0B9


Victoria Skin Cancer

Uptown Mall
Unit 217, 3561 Blanshard St., Victoria BC, V8Z 0B9

Phone: 778-440-8774 (9am-2pm)
Fax: 250-984-0867


Mole Mapping is not covered by MSP. For more information please phone us.

If you have a concerning skin lesion or mole or general concerns regarding skin cancer, please see your Physician for a referral to Dr. Erlank or Dr. Le Roux.

For Physicians:

Please telephone us and we can fax through a referral form.  Our contact details and more detailed instructions are also available on Pathways.